Set Lunch Special


Menu Del Dia

Choice of two tapas + bread & ali-oli
£10.25 per person

plus soft drink or glass of red / white wine (125ml) or Estrella Damm Spanish beer

There are those who say El Pirata’s menu del dia is the best value in Mayfair, and it’s true that at £10.25 per person for a basket of bread and alioli, a choice of two tapas from a menu of 18 dishes and a soft drink, a glass of white or red wine or an Estrella Damm Spanish beer it’s hard to beat.

Select Two Tapas From the Following List

Ensalada de tres colores
avocado, tomato & mozzarella salad

Montaditos de jamon serrano
toasted bread with olive oil & fresh tomatoes topped with serrano ham

Pescaito frito
deep-fried marinated fish

bean stew with chorizo sausage & panceta

Alas de pollo con salsa picante
chicken wings in a spicy sauce

Arroz con pollo
spanish rice with chicken

Pollo al ajillo
pan fried chicken in garlic, parsley & olive oil

Chorizo al vino
spanish sausage in a red wine sauce

Habas con jamón
pan fried broad beans with olive oil and serrano ham

lentil stew, chorizo & panceta

spanish omelette with potatoes & onions

Patatas bravas
deep fried potatoes in chilli & garlic sauce

Berenjena jardinera
aubergine stuffed with vegetables & topped with cheese

Pimiento relleno
red pepper stuffed with vegetable risotto & cheese

This menu is available from 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm
10% optional service charge will be added to your bill



It’s a menu designed for customers in a hurry, and it’s surprisingly filling. The alioli – a moreish garlic-infused mayonnaise, served with crusty bread – is almost a meal in itself. Add in – for example – fabada, an authentic Spanish bean stew with chorizo and panceta, and pescaito frito (deep-fried marinated fish) and you’re unlikely to need more.