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El Pirata of Mayfair

An authentic Spanish tapas bar & restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, London

Located in central London – serving informal, inexpensive and traditional Spanish tapas in Mayfair for almost a quarter of a century. El Pirata is ideally located – close to Green Park and Hyde Park tube stations. Dine at El Pirata, Reserve a Table online, call 020 7491 3810 or email info@elpirata.co.uk.

El Pirata Restaurant

Our selection of gins are given a Spanish twist, transport yourself to the streets of Spain with every sip @ginpuertosindias pic.twitter.com/BcGzGdw5c0


“Many thanks, my love and my respect” … Johnny Depp

Mayfair's Best Tapas Bar

Mayfair's Best Tapas Bar

El Pirata (it means The Pirate)

An authentic tapas bar and restaurant in the heart of Mayfair.

For nearly a quarter of a century, El Pirata has been serving tapas to customers including local office workers, South American oilmen, Japanese diplomats, Mayfair hedge fund managers – and the occasional celebrity, like Queen guitarist Brian May and that most famous of modern pirates, film star Johnny Depp.

The secret to El Pirata’s long success is simple: a vast choice of good Spanish food and wine served quickly by friendly waiters in an informal restaurant that feels more Madrid than Mayfair.

Tucked away in a quiet residential street between Piccadilly and Park Lane, and close to the historic site of the bawdy fair that gave Mayfair its name, El Pirata is proud to give its customers exactly what they want.

spanish tapas octopustapas dishes mussels and seafood

There is a wide range of food and wine on offer – with more than 60 dishes on the menu from restaurant specials like cochinillo a la traditional (roast suckling pig with potatoes) to tapas classics including boquerones (anchovies in vinegar), patatas bravas (deep-fried potatoes in a chilli and garlic sauce) and pescados y mariscos fritos de rape (deep fried medallions of monkfish). From 12pm – 3pm stop by for the menu del dia – unbeatable value at £11.95 per person for two tapas dishes, a basket of bread and alioli and a glass of wine or beer. El Pirata’s Menu to Share at £25 each include up to ten tapas dishes. It’s an offer that is hard to beat anywhere in London. And there are over 140 different wines on the wine list – all of them authentically Spanish.

El Pirata’s location in Down Street is within striking distance of Mayfair’s five-star hotels and also within easy reach of hotels in Knightsbridge and Kensington too.

El Pirata is a Mayfair institution. For those in the know – and around 90 per cent of the restaurant’s customers are regulars – it serves some of the best tapas in London at accessible prices. That’s why it’s always busy. But don’t worry if you haven’t booked, the waiters will usually find you a place at the mirrored bar and keep you happy until a table becomes available.


El Pirata Mayfair Entrance

Lively style and good-value tapas makes for a lot of fun at very reasonable prices for such an expensive area.

Harden’s 2016

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Mayfair's Best Tapas Bar





Starting with cold tapas, we nibbled huge prawns, juicy chorizo and ham, seafood and Russian salad, then we received an array of hot tapas dishes which seemed to just keep coming ….. mmmmmm!

Martin James – Food Writer


Tapas is a most sociable and flexible way to eat. The word is derived from the Spanish tapar meaning ‘to cover’ – a tapa was a cover for a pot (similar to the English word ‘top’).

Tapas-style cuisine exist in many cultures. In Venice, it’s cicchetti (literally, small plates); in Mexico, they’re called botanas; in Argentina, picada; and in Brazil, petiscos.



The best thing about tapas is that you can have a snack or a feast, and the menu is flexible enough to suit everybody.

As well as the main tapas menu where you can find over 50 Tapas Dishes and a Specials Menu featuring dishes like gazpacho andaluz (£4.95) and the fiery small green peppers from Galicia known as padron (£5.75). Main courses include parillada de pescado y marisco (£21.95) – mixed grilled fish and seafood platter with vegetables – and solomillo con rucola y manchego (£19.95) – grilled fillet steak on a bed of rocket with Manchego cheese shavings.

For a special treat, ask for a plate of the Bellota Jamón. It’s ham from Black Iberian Pigs, which are allowed to roam in oak woodland in the southwest of Spain where they eat acorns, herbs and roots. The oleic acid of the acorns infiltrates the meat of this pure and singular species, transferring exquisite flavours and aromas to the ham. It is said to be one of Spain’s national treasures.

Set Menus

El Pirata’s Menu To Share priced at £25 each for two people offers a great introduction to authentic Spanish tapas, and startling value for such a popular Mayfair restaurant.


Set Lunch Special

Set Lunch Special

Set Lunch Menu

Choice of two tapas + bread & ali-oli
£11.95 per person

plus soft drink or glass of red / white wine (125ml) or Estrella Damm Spanish beer

There are those who say El Pirata’s menu del dia is the best value in Mayfair, and it’s true that at £11.95 per person for a basket of bread and alioli, a choice of two tapas from a menu of 10 dishes and a soft drink, a glass of white or red wine or an Estrella Damm Spanish beer it’s hard to beat.

Select Two Tapas From the Following List

Ensalada de tres colores
avocado, tomato & mozzarella salad

Pescaito frito
deep-fried marinated fish

Alas de pollo con salsa picante
chicken wings in a spicy sauce

Arroz con pollo
spanish rice with chicken

Pollo al ajillo
pan fried chicken in garlic, parsley & olive oil

Chorizo al vino
spanish sausage in a red wine sauce

lentil stew, chorizo & panceta

spanish omelette with potatoes & onions

Patatas bravas
deep fried potatoes in chilli & garlic sauce

Berenjena jardinera
aubergine stuffed with vegetables & topped with cheese

Pimiento relleno
red pepper stuffed with vegetable risotto & cheese

This menu is available from 12:00 pm until 3:00 pm
12.5% optional service charge will be added to your bill



It’s a menu designed for customers in a hurry, and it’s surprisingly filling. The alioli – a moreish garlic-infused mayonnaise, served with crusty bread – is almost a meal in itself. Add in – for example – fabada, an authentic Spanish bean stew with chorizo and pancetta, and pescaito frito (deep-fried marinated fish) and you’re unlikely to need more.

Set Lunch Special

Spanish Wines in Mayfair

Spanish Wines in Mayfair

El Pirata specialises in Spanish wines

With more than 140 wines on the list, this Mayfair tapas bar is an excellent place for even connoisseurs to learn and expand their Spanish wine knowledge.

Spain is a collection of micro-climates, from the damp vineyards of Galicia on the north Atlantic coast to the hot and dry Mediterranean south east. Many vineyards are higher than 2,000 ft, which extends the growing season producing good acidity and colour.

Indigenous grape varieties include Tempranillo, Garnacha (probably imported from France as Grenache) and Mourvèdre (the Monastrell vine of the Levant), all of which produce fine reds, and the Albariño and the recently revived Verdejo varietals for the whites. Altogether, there are said to be more than 600 indigenous and international varietals in use in Spain.

The finest wines come from the Ribera del Duero – the same River Douro that, over the border in Portugal, is the home of the Port grape. It is a high and barren chalk plateau between Valladolid and Aranda – high enough for rot to be rare, and the growing season to be long.


The most exquisite, wine on El Pirata’s list is Vega Sicilia Unico (£695 a bottle) – a blend of Tempranillo (also known as Tinto Fino), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Unico means ‘unique’. It carries a high price because its meticulous producer, Vega Sicilia, matures the wine in small barrels for an unusually long time: the 2008 vintage was six years in oak barrels and three in bottles. Robert Parker awarded it 96 points out of a hundred. Vega Sicilia only produces a Unico in the best vintage years.

At the other end of the scale, El Pirata offers sparkling Cava wines from £25 a bottle, house whites and reds at around the same price and Champagne from around £60.

As Master of Wine Jancis Robinson observes: “Spain is an anarchic jumble of districts and regions … [but] there is real treasure to be found for those prepared to dig.” If you are in London, there are few better places to begin the search than El Pirata.


Spanish Wines in Mayfair

Party at El Pirata

Party at El Pirata



El Pirata offers me everything I look for in a restaurant. Fine food, excellent choice, comfortable surroundings, marvellous service and a bill at the end that doesn’t give me indigestion!

Gervaise Odell, Food Writer

Everybody loves a good party, whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, an engagement or promotion or simply the fact that a colleague is moving to a new job.

But if you’re trying to find a restaurant with a private area or room in London, you’ll already know how difficult it is to find a really cost-effective venue. Mayfair, is after all, one of the wealthiest districts in the world.

Well, look no further. El Pirata has a splendid party room for up to 60 people. There are two specially-designed party menus available (one of which is vegetarian) both priced at £23 per person – incredible value given the central location.

Tapas is great party food too – the simple act of sharing great Spanish food over a glass of wine helps people bond, and with tapas there is always something for everybody.

For more infomation please call 020 7491 3810 or email info@elpirata.co.uk.



Party at El Pirata



Fred Sirieix’s Favourite Romantic Restaurants: “Quite simply, one of my favourite restaurants….Consistently very good food, great value for money and top service. The team at El Pirata are so friendly and accommodating and nothing is too much for them. Full review..


Featured in this month’s Mayfair Times Magazine – Fred Sirieix is interviewed at the restaurant and states El Pirata is his favourite restaurant; I eat out here more than anywhere else…They’re always thinking of the customer first. Read more..

Mayfair Times Magazine

Lively style and good-value tapas makes for a lot of fun at very reasonable prices for such an expensive area.

Harden’s 2016

Best tapas dishe chillis green smallbest dishes kefte


El Pirata successfully couples the comforting appeal of a central London grand dame with the energetic dynamism of a new opening.

London Evening Standard

Tucked away in the heart of Mayfair, El Pirata is one of London’s finest Spanish restaurants serving food fit for a celebrity without breaking the bank.

OK Magazine

This cosy eatery is tucked down a quiet street in London’s posh Mayfair, a stone’s throw from The Ritz and Park Lane. But despite its swanky London location, the vibe here is decidedly down to earth, with super friendly staff, rustic wooden interiors and homely tapas classics that won’t break the bank Read more..

Star Magazine


Tapas dishes prawns large

This casual, crowded Spanish gem is a winner thanks to terrific tapas that won’t break the bank, great sangria and smiling waiters who work as a seamless team; and if it would be unremarkable in Andalusia, it hits the spot as far as Londoners are concerned.


Best dishes chillis green smalltapas dishes kefte small


El Pirata is a neat little tapas bar off the leafy streets of Green Park. Classics including croquetas, calamares and jamón sit alongside less expected offerings of bean stew from northern Spain, grilled lamb cutlets, or kidneys in sherry wine.. Full review..


This Madrileno-esque gem might be in Mayfair but prices are far from it – two tapas dishes, bread, alioli and a glass of wine or beer costs £11.95 between midday and 6pm and ten tapas dishes in the evening ring in at just £23.50 per person. Hands sticky from gambas al pil-pil and lips rouged with sangria, El Pirata is enough to make you book your next Spanish fiesta… Full review..



El Pirata Spanish Restaurant Mayfair

El Pirata Spanish Restaurant Mayfair

Telephone & Email Bookings
020 7491 3810

5-6 Down Street, Mayfair
London, W1J 7AQ
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Mon – Fri: 12.00pm – 11.30pm
Saturday: 6.00pm – 11.30pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays: Closed

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